Things I Am Grateful For

I’ve been feeling really down, lately; in a really dark place. In an effort to try to keep positive, I decided to list ten things I’m grateful/happy for.

I didn’t write any explanations on why I’m grateful for these things or why they make me happy (although I probably could, if anyone is interested; some of them are self-explanatory). It was just a quick little exercise to remind myself that not everything is doom and gloom.

Let’s just get into it.

  1. Pup (my fiance).
  2. I have a job.
  3. I have a place to live.
  4. My shoe collection is killer.
  5. CATS.
  6. Rainy days with hot chocolate.
  8. Clean water.
  9. Heat in the winter, A/C in the summer.
  10. Roses.

The great thing about this exercise is that once I start doing it, it’s actually pretty difficult to stop at just ten. I just want to keep listing wonderful things, until I have pages and pages full of reasons why the big, bad depression monster can go kick rocks.

It doesn’t win me the battle, but it makes for some pretty decent armor while I’m still fighting.



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