Diary: Finding a Niche

Sometimes I feel like I’m all over the place with my writing. Which makes sense, because my mind is all over the place.

I guess, apparently, according to the internet and professional bloggers, when you start a blog you’re supposed to pick a topic. If your blog is too scattered, you’re not likely to gain readers (I guess because people don’t want their feeds/dashboard/readers cluttered with posts about things they don’t really care about).

I’m not a professional blogger (although I won’t lie, that would be kind of cool, but I’m not even sure how that even happens), I’m just trying to meet and connect with people. But, I mean, in order to do that I guess I kind of need people to read my blog regularly.

So, maybe I should pick a singular focus beyond “stuff I’m interested in” to post about. But, that feels so limiting! And honestly, there isn’t really any one thing I care about so deeply that I want to devote an entire blog to it. Shit, even my writing blog has been a damn ghost town for months!

I don’t know. I just want to make some friends.



  1. The subject of my blog is, literally, “what concerns me today,” which could be anything from movies to politics to creative projects to something perverted. You are correct that it puts people off. Personally, I like blogs that are more scattershot and less focused, but I guess I’m one of the weird ones.

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    • I’m the same way. I have a lot of interests, so when a blog can hit on two or three of them at once, that’s someone I’m interested in knowing. If there’s a post that doesn’t interest me, I can always just scroll past it. But then, I’m also notoriously bad at commenting on things, so maybe I’m not one to talk about any of this. *shrugs*

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  2. I agree with you and Kevin – my favorite blogs are the more personal/slice of life/random stuff.

    The ones I hate, hate, hate with the rage of a thousand suns are the SEO crap, teaching people how to monetize their blog (I mean, everybody likes money – but I don’t wanna read about it!)…or the ones that do their little “Top 10 Reasons….” lists Every. Damn Day.

    Be you…be whatever you wanna be here. It’s your space…people will come.

    Sorry for rambling… ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. I had no idea there were “rules” to blogging. Mine is mostly focused on writing stuff, but if I want to do a random post about whatever other thing might be on my mind enough to write about, I’m going to do it. People are always free to keep scrolling if it doesn’t interest them. It interests me, and that’s good enough.

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  4. All of these comments are so encouraging! I’ve been struggling with the same issue. I feel like it’s limiting to write about one topic, so I have a few… and some are really broad. Lots of people have blogs about their lives and they grow because they’re filled with good writing … and I think that’s what matters most. Right?

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