Another list of things I’m thankful for/make me happy

Because this exercise is really, really beneficial to my mental well being, right now. And I really should post/share more happier things.

So, here’s another list of things I’m thankful for. Maybe I’ll make this a regular, weekly thing, who knows?

  1. Hot and cold running clean water.
  2. People receiving EFT payments at work who have short names.
  3. People who use their turn signal (even if there are only a handful of them).
  4. Finding toys from my past on Ebay.
  5. Jason at the Windows Store in Fashion Valley, who was just charming and oh-so helpful even if my Windows tablet is still a piece of shit and I just need to return it. Lovely boy.
  6. Star Wars the Force Awakens midnight showing tonight with Pup!!
  7. I have an amazing fiance who is wonderful and patient and kind and patient (oh-so patient).
  8. Ugly Christmas sweater win:

    See my exhausted face on my Instagram @aidannotaiden
  9. Four-day weekends.
  10. Getting a raise at work.

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