Happy New Year

Did everyone enjoy their New Year’s Eve? While everyone else was partying, I went to see Star Wars the Force Awakens again, then came home and played “Were Those Fireworks or Gunshots” while trying to fall asleep.

I’m a wild one.

A couple months ago, I made a post saying that for 2016 my only goal was to have my own apartment by the end of the year. And while that is still my plan, I’ve decided to amend my resolution, slightly.

In 2016 I will make choices which are good for me and will contribute to my growth as a person, even if they aren’t always easy, or are even downright difficult.


I feel that I have some very difficult choices ahead of me, this year. Harder choices than I think I have ever faced. And I am ready to take them on.

This is going to be my year.

Who’s with me?


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