Thankful Thursday

Sorry for being MIA the last week+

Just barely two weeks in and 2016 is already kicking my butt. Work is keeping me busy. Being full time is… an adjustment. I keep forgetting that I don’t have Mondays to do things anymore, so I keep forgetting about things that I used to do on Mondays and not doing them. Oops.

I’m doing yet ANOTHER list of things I’m grateful for. Because after this week, I kind of need it. I’m going to make this a weekly thing, from now on, because I can always use a reminder that life isn’t a complete nightmare. Also, it will help me from having stretches of 10+ days where I just disappear.

So, ahem:

  1. Retail therapy, which isn’t healthy, but is oh-so fun
  2. Not doing so much retail therapy that I’m in debt
  3. Official full-time status at work
  4. Bonding with my mother over being nerds
  5. Habitica (there is a funny story about why this app is perfect for me, which I will probably tell at a later date; in the mean time, I highly suggest it if you write to-do lists, but need a little motivation to complete them, and you like RPGs)
  6. Neko Atsume (ooooohhhhhh mygosh)
  7. “KITTENS EXIST” (which I will explain tomorrow)
  8. Teaching my dad how to use a smartphone is adorable
  9. Pup got me a brand new computer for Yule (which I still haven’t set up yet because I need to back up my old files still, BUT)
  10. 1 lb Snickers bar sitting on my dresser waiting to be eaten

So, there we go. Another list completed on Diary of a Compulsive List Maker. Yes.


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