Thankful Thursday (1/28/16) and quick blog post

The ten things I’m thankful for this week:

  1. Dental insurance through work! Whoo!
  2. Having a donut for breakfast.
  3. Learning to take things as they come.
  4. Making the decision to care for my mental well-being.
  5. Future planning.
  6. The patience and understanding of those around me.
  7. My ever-expanding collection of Star Wars TFA merchandise (neeeeeeeerd).
  8. Comic books (NEEEEEEEEERD).
  9. Existing in the world at the same time as Terry Crews and his “no time for toxic masculinity bullshit” attitude.
  10. Baked potatoes.

I’ll admit that I’m kind of bummed that I’m not going to get to get my own place this year, like I had hoped. I just don’t have the budget for it, even if I can find a place for $600 a month (which, in southern California, does not exist). But, I did manage to talk my mom into moving into a bigger place where I’ll have my own bathroom, so it will kind of be like having my own place? Not really, but I’m trying to make the best of it.

I’m trying to look on the bright side, which is 99% repeating the thought, “I am going to save up so much money. If I can stop buying everything on Amazon, I can probably save up for a down payment on a house in a couple of years.” Not worrying about paying so many bills will let me focus on the things I want to do.

Like writing. And photography. And being happy.

So. Bright side.



  1. Congrats on the dental insurance! And all the other things.

    Whenever I have a vice like buying stuff online (still working on that one), I find it hard to just *stop*; I have to replace that activity with something else. Hopefully a healthier alternative. So like instead of that, I try to go for a walk or cook or actually meet up with friends or something, and all those things make me feel like I don’t *have* to buy that thing. Sometimes I do *have* to, but for the most part, I’m doing just fine without it. I just have to remind myself about the rest of life sometimes.

    I also very much like numbers 4, 7-10, and… the rest of them really. Also I looked up Terry Crews and he’s such a wonderful person!

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    • Terry Crews is just fantastic! Brooklyn Nine-Nine is kind of hit or miss for me, but Terry Crews is just the best! *wistful sigh*

      And thank you, I’m pretty excited about having dental insurance again! Which is a weird thing to be excited about, but *shrugs*

      Since I signed up for Amazon Prime I have found that I’m actually buying less (aside from Star War merch, which I have no regrets about buying anyway). I would always go to buy 1-2 things I really needed and then be like, “Oh, if I spend $X more I will get free shipping! Let’s see if I can find a thing.” And, ironically, I’d find something I really wanted, but it would cost more than shipping probably would have, but now I REALLY WANT THE THING, so I just say, “Screw it. Since I’m getting free shipping it’s like I’m getting a discount on it, so that justifies the purchase because now it’s only this much and I can totally afford to pay that much for that thing.” Since Amazon Prime gives free 2-day shipping, I no longer go, “Oh, if I buy another thing I get free shipping.” I already get free shipping. BETTER free shipping, even.


      • Gahhh the free shipping always gets me too! There’s always something I could use. It’s the worst… Prime is the best though. And you definitely need that Star Wars merch. 🙂

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