Thankful Thursday 2/4/16

Short n’ sweet.

What I’m thankful for this week:

  1. Girl Scout cookies.
  2. My new computer (which was actually a Christmas present from Pup, but I just set it up yesterday because I’m lazy) which is awesome.
  3. Star Wars: the Force Awakens (which is again fresh in my mind because I went and saw it again last night).
  5. Things which I am choosing to perceive as hidden opportunities instead of set backs.
  6. The more than two hours of overtime I got last week.
  7. Having inspirational friends/acquaintances in my life.
  8. Having a jacket when they run the air conditioner in the office (in February).
  9. My nails are getting so long and I haven’t broken one yet! [Knock on wood.]
  10. That Amazon sells those 30 ct. boxes of full size candy bars because CHOCOLATE.

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