Thankful Thursday 2/11/16

Note to Self: The fact is, drama lurks everywhere. It’s unavoidable. All you can do is keep your head down and pray, kid.

This Week’s Ten Things I’m Thankful For

  1. Deadpool tonight. Whoo!
  2. Actually having work to do at work (because for a while there it looked like they made a mistake giving me full time hours).
  3. The 2+ hours of overtime that will be on tomorrow’s check and will help me out immensely.
  4. Running into old friends in the most awkward places.
  5. The Tumblr fan fiction community (oh my GAW the love).
  6. The incredibly weird brushes in the SketchBook for Galaxy app.
    [Me: I MADE AN ART. =D
    Pup: *face contorts in confused horror* That’s… a something.]
  7. Slo-o-owly getting over some of my fears (exposure therapy for the win).
  8. Dogged determination.
  9. Foresight at work saving me hours of backtracking.
  10. Dental insurance.


    • Lol! “Pride” would be a stretch for me–I was just testing out some of the brushes and they were freaking BIZARRE! When I was done it ended up looking like some trippy surrealist thing and I’m like, “Oh, I must destroy my fiance’s brain.” Lol! Totally saved it, though.

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