Thankful Thursday 2/18/16

Oh man I am running on no sleep. Alright let’s do this!

Ten Things I’m Thankful For This Week

  1. Finding a Star Wars TFA Black Series 6″ figure of General Hux. [I really should not be so in love with a man who essentially is ginger space-Hitler, but I can’t help it.]
  2. On that note, I am very thankful for the existence of Domhnall Gleeson. Very. Thankful.
  4. Holiday pay, which is something I’ve never had before because I’ve never worked a full time job before. [Seriously, I got paid to stay home and bake cookies all day. WHAT?]
  5. Paid time off, which is another thing I’ve never had before for the same reason. [I can get paid even if I take a vacation? What a time to be alive.]
  6. Time alone. [To think. To read. To just exist on my own, which sometimes I think I forget I can do.]
  7. The knowledge that I can make sacrifices for my end-goals. I am strong enough.
  8. Netflix and actually chill.
  9. Finding button down shirts that don’t gap and pull over my large chest.
  10. I feel cute as shit, today.

Whoo! I’m gonna go fall asleep under my desk, now!


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