Thankful Thursday 2/25/16

Oh gosh it’s early. I didn’t have my usual ride into work, so my fiance took me. This meant actually leaving… you know… on time. Which meant leaving before I usually even wake up. I had forgotten 6:45 even existed. Okay, well, on with the good stuff!

Ten Things I’m Thankful for This Week

  1. My incredibly helpful fiance who is acting as my personal chauffeur today so I didn’t have to use PTO.
  2. Today is my Friday. Hello three-day weekend. Hello an entire day completely to myself.
  3. Fun times with the in-laws last Saturday.
  4. Clarity through dreams.
  5. Possibly leaving work early today.
  6. Realizing that I do, in fact, have the self-determination to haul myself out of bed before 7:20am.
  7. February just flew by, didn’t it? (Which, I understand, for some might not be something to be thankful for, wondering where the time went; I, however, am waiting with baited breath for a few things happening a bit later in the year, so I am A-OK with time passing quickly.)
  8. Getting to go to lunch with my fiance today.
  9. Honestly, I just kind of feel like more of an adult today than I usually do. A little more steady. A little more grounded. A little more responsible.
  10. I am so close to paying off my Visa card, I can taste it. And I’ve managed to refrain from making any more purchases before I do!

And an extra one, just ’cause.

  1. It isn’t even 8:00am and I’ve already gotten this done. Whoo!


  1. Look at you have n a great day. I thought a like just wasn’t enough. I love your thankful Thursday posts. Even just the smllest thing can make your day, these help me to think of the good in each and everyday.

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