LJ Nostalgia

Bear with me, because I’m about to date myself here, but:

You know what I really miss? LiveJournal. I loved LiveJournal until I was about twenty-two or twenty-three, at which point I just kind of got burned out on the whole blogging thing in general (because horrible living situation + depression = “I could post a selfie, or I could lay in bed in these same pants I haven’t washed in a week eating stale Cheetos”).

Back then, before the darkness took over and sapped the will to do anything I used to love, I lived for that website. My entire life was on that website. It was an incredibly easy platform to use, I loved the comment feature, and I really liked the way they did their profiles.

But more than anything else, I loved communities. I loved how incredibly easy it was to connect with people en masse just by posting in communities. And there were tons of communities to choose from. You like cake? There are seven-hundred-thirty-two active groups devoted to cake. You’re a writer? There are communities to promote your writing, to get feedback, to get advice. New writer, long-time hobbyist, published professional, fan fic, fantasy, poetry… GO FORTH AND FIND YOUR PEOPLE WITH A CLICK OF A BUTTON.

I haven’t been able to find another place on the internet with the same variety and ease of connection that LiveJournal had. WordPress and Tumblr have the tagging system, which isn’t bad, but is also a shot in the dark as far as what tags to use and how popular they are, and whether or not anyone will even see your post. Facebook groups and other online forums are good for reaching people en masse, but keeping track of thirty separate websites is complicated. Don’t even get me started on the nightmare that is Twitter. Fuck that website. I still don’t see the point.

LiveJournal was simple and enjoyable and maybe I’m just being all old and nostalgic, but damn. I miss it. I miss the people I knew before adulthood ruined my life. I find myself thinking sometimes about all of the people I used to know and lost touch with. I wonder if I’m that person for anybody–like if anyone I used to know is like, “Man, I wonder what ever happened to that Aidan chick with the mohawk and the suit? She was really cool.”

I’m still around and I probably miss you.



      • ADIML (a day in my life) was a LJ sub where people would take photos of what they were doing throughout a just typical day in their life. It would start at the time they woke up and they would chronicle their morning routine, what they were doing at work, etc, until they went to bed.

        It probably sounds sort of dull, but it was very interesting to get a bit of a peak into the mundane for people of all different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.


      • That actually sounds really cool! It kind of reminds me of Hourly Comic Day, where artists draw their days, but for those of us who can’t draw. I love those little glimpses into a person’s real life.

        I may have to do this one of these days lol! I feel like this needs to become a thing again.

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  1. I miss you over there! When I was wrapping up Fallout I even thought to myself, “Damn, she’s not even around to read this anymore” lol. It’s such a dead zone there now that it makes me sad and nostalgic for the days when someone’s post would spawn a comment-marathon that would last for days. I just don’t see that kind of interaction anywhere else (though Facebook would be the closest thing) and it’s a shame because that’s where I met so many wonderful people.

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    • I tried to make a new account a couple years ago, but it just seemed like a totally different place. There were just these small tweaks to the way things worked that I probably wouldn’t have even really noticed if I’d stuck around, but coming at them new after being away for so long it felt like a totally different platform. Most of the communities I had been a part of were either dead or overrun by the Russian spam blogs. It was depressing.

      I agree, the interaction isn’t the same on other sites. Tumblr (which seems to be where everyone ran off to) is just… ridiculous for that sort of stuff (“Here, let me reblog the same post forty times as I go back an forth with this person–have four pages of the same post growing longer and longer!”). Now that Facebook let’s you reply to comments directly, it kind of has a similar feel to LJ’s comment thread system, but it can still get confusing because it only toggles once. So rather than comment, subcomment, sub-subcomment, sub-sub-subcomment in one thread and sub comment, sub-sub comment, etc… in another, you end up with comment, subcomment, subcomment, subcomment, subcomment. It’s tough to pick out which reply goes to who unless people specifically use names (which they only sometimes do).

      And I still haven’t found a way to actually meet NEW people that is even half as effective. WordPress is probably the closest I’ve come, and once upon a midnight dreary I lucked out and connected with a few people on Tumblr (but like LJ I abandoned that for an extended period and lost touch with them, too).

      The internet is just a fucking mess, I say.

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