Thankful Thursday 3/10/16

My week is all messed up. Last night I thought today was going to be Friday, and now that it’s morning I keep thinking it’s Wednesday! Schedule changes, right? But, no, today is Thursday and you know what that means!

Ten Things I’m Thankful for this Week

  1. I am officially a biological aunt! Whoo! (I mean, I was already an aunt via adoption, but, you know… my sister-in-law had a baby, whoo!)
  2. Eventually, this audit at work will be over and I will have survived.
  3. I get paid tomorrow!
  4. Star Wars TFA is still playing at my local theater which allows me a couple more viewings before the Blu-Ray release next month (I don’t have a problem; you have a problem).
  5. Chocolate chip muffins for breakfast.
  6. I still have options (which I’m 99% sure I listed last week, but I’m still very thankful for it).
  7. Zootopia (if you haven’t seen this movie you are doing yourself a great disservice).
  8. The ease of Amazon returns.
  9. Winning an eBay bidding war (seriously, there is something incredibly gratifying about this).
  10. In addition to those options I mentioned, I also still have plenty of time. What do they say? Thirty is the new twenty? Yea, I dig that.


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