Thankful Thursday 3/24/16

Ah. Work. So fun for me this week. Except that it’s not. Oh, will when the checked out invoices return from the war audit?

Let’s get into it, because WOW I need it!

Ten things I’m thankful for this week:

  1. List making! There’s something oddly poetic about putting “list making” on a list of things I appreciate. It’s a really grounding, comforting practice for me.
  2. Microsoft Excel, for all of my expense reporting needs! Seriously, creating spreadsheets has suddenly found itself up there with list making as one of the most relaxing things I do.
  3. That I was taught the importance of (and processes involved in) making an expense list/budget as an adolescent.
  4. Leftovers, because sometimes making my own lunch is just too tough.
  5. My ever-growing willpower.
  6. My sudden superpower of planning ahead for my future (seriously, I don’t know where it came from–it’s like I got bit my a radioactive responsible adult).
  7. Downsizing the amount of clothing I have a couple weeks ago. I should do that with all of my stuff (I mean, I have in the past, but not the sheer volume with which I did my clothes–I’m always hesitant to get rid of things I still have a use for, even though that use is months and months and months down the line). The amount of space I have, the ease with which I can find things, the speed with which I pick out outfits (due to limited options), just the general feeling of calm I just when I open my closet and don’t see a giant mess of hangers and never-been-worn dresses… MAGICAL.
  8. I am slowly getting better at math, I’m guessing because of my job. I’ll never be a physicist, but it’s pretty cool to be able to do quick simple calculations in my head.
  9. There is less than two weeks until Star Wars the Force Awakens comes out on BluRay. At which point, I’m sorry, but all of my free time will be taken up by watching that glorious bit of cinematic gold.


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