Thankful Thursday – 3/31/16

It’s a little late (*snort* “little”), because I usually write this up at work. But, we recently had an incident at work involving hacking, so I’m trying to do fewer personal things on the company computer. And when I got home tonight I took a nap (yay naps!) so I’m posting this at nine. Whoo!

Ten things I’m thankful for/make me happy this week.

  1. The audit is over! Oh, joyous of joys! Life may now return to normal.
  2. I am also caught up on the just ridiculous amount of work I had dropped on my desk last week.
  3. My credit card is paid off! It’s like I’m an actual, responsible adult!
  4. My friends and acquaintances are doing great things and receiving great things and I am just so happy for them!
  5. There is less than a week until the BluRay release of Star Wars the Force Awakens!! Also, there is a whole mess of new Adam Driver behind the scenes stuff and that fills my fangirl heart with glee.
  6. I’ve been drinking more water lately and I’m doing really well at maintaining my quota. I am the worst at remembering to hydrate, so I’m pretty proud of myself.
  7. I got my books sorted, bundled, and stored, which resulted in me having a little more space.
  8. I’ve been having a problem with the Microsoft Office apps on my tablet, but I think the issue is resolved? *fingers crossed*
  9. I got to spend some fun time at the movies with my fiance and his brother on Tuesday night. Batman v. Superman. It was okay. Not great, but not horrible.
  10. I got a new workout outfit and I look super cute in it!

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