Thankful Thursday 4/22/16

I think I need a vacation, or something. Probably closer to “or something” because what I really need to do is to take a couple days off to myself and organize my life. That’s hardly a vacation, but it would probably make me feel better.

Or maybe I just want to take time off so I don’t have to deal with starting to take the bus into work, next week. I’m not looking forward to a three-hour commute each way. That’s six hours of my day on the bus! Man, it’s going to be a mess. Leaving the apartment at 5:30 every morning is not gonna be fun times.

Feels like I could really use a Thankful Thursday, right about now.

Ten things I’m thankful or grateful for this week:

  1. Incredibly supportive people in my life.
  2. Selfless people in my life who are (or at the very least try to be) accommodating above and beyond necessity.
  3. Chocolate peanut butter cups.
  4. Learning (and implementing!) time management techniques.
  5. Living in San Diego which has some remarkably beautiful scenery if you go out and look for it.
  6. Peterson’s Donut Corner (for all of my “I don’t care that it’s almost midnight; I had a shitty day and I need a donut!” needs).
  7. Opportunities to face my anxieties and grow as a person.
  8. The financial ability to live in a relatively safe area.
  9. An understanding and endlessly supportive partner.
  10. Reminders that it’s never too late.

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