Musings: OneNote notes

So, I don’t know if you’ve heard of OneNote, but in case you haven’t: In the barest sense of it, it’s a note-taking application by Microsoft that works across your smartphone, tablet, and home computer. It’s very convenient for me because I always get ideas on the go, but rarely have time (or space) to pull out my notebook and write them down.

But, the problem I run into in any sort of note taking (digital or analogue) is that I often forget the context of things. Some of them are pretty unassuming, but some of them are outright head scratchers.

Why not share some of my favorites?

  • I aspire to be as steady handed as the woman applying mascara on the trolley. [I mean, it’s not a bad goal, but did it really need to be written down?]
  • There’s something about having pretty flowers on one side of you on the sidewalk and broken bottles on the other. [I don’t know what that something is, but I feel like this felt really deep and meaningful when I wrote it.]
  • I’m just saying maybe it’s not the best idea to have your vaping supply advertisement right next to the sticker of the radioactive symbol.
  • Got that pussy like a sucker punch. [What? What does that even mean?]
  • Hangry Parrot would be an awesome band name.
  • “The only other alternative is borrowing your sister’s house.” – Coworker [I really wish I could remember the context of this conversation.]
  • “You can’t eat balls you know!” [My ex-fiance’s nephew said this at Christmas when he asked why the jar of tennis balls had an aluminum seal and Pup told him, “To keep them fresh.”]
  • When a potential romantic partner tells me they’re bothered by body hair or menstrual fluid, I’m just like, “You are no warrior. Leave me, coward.” [Okay, this is actually a pretty good system for weeding out the weak.]
  • WEDDING VOWS IDEA: I will never feel as strongly for any real person as I do for fictional characters, but you come close. [“Wedding vows idea.”]


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