Thankful Thursday: Kindness

Recently, I made a post on my Facebook account asking how one would go about meeting women for dating and make-outs. This prompted a few people to wondering, “Wait, aren’t you engaged?” At which point I got to explain, “No, currently, I am not. I am going through some stuff and can’t handle an adult relationship. This is probably temporary and we are still best friends and he’s coming on vacation with my mom and I next month and wow when I type it all out our relationship is very complicated and kind of weird.”

But in a slightly less rambling way. And all of that is true.

Expectedly, I was met with sympathy and condolences. Which is nice, I appreciate it, but also isn’t entirely necessary because I’m actually doing pretty well. Still it made me smile that at least a couple of people were concerned enough to give me that little virtual pat on the back.

One of the people who offered their sympathies is a girl I knew in high school. We had a few mutual friends, but we never really hung out much and didn’t really have a whole lot of direct conversations, but she was definitely more than an acquaintance. She’s a really nice person, very friendly, outgoing, and just overall a sweetheart.

And even though we don’t really talk much and we were never super close friends, she was very sympathetic, then when I told her I was okay she told me that if I ever needed to talk I could talk to her, joked around with me, and just overall was super sweet.

Which, I guess, in the grand scheme of things isn’t some giant thing for most people. But, it’s one of those things… she didn’t have to chat with me. She could have just said, “Oh, that sucks. Sorry to hear that,” and moved on. Hell, it’s Facebook. She didn’t even have to do that much; she could have just ignored the status and pretended she never saw it–I wouldn’t know.

It’s just nice that there are people in the world like this girl who puts that kindness out into the world.

And I’m thankful for that, especially with what’s been going on in the world, lately. More people should give out that sort of kindness.

I love you all.

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