Thankful Thursday: Distractions

Distractions get a bad rep.

I mean, yes, of course they can be taken too far. Distractions are… distracting. They often keep people from the things we really need to do or deal with. They can prolong the inevitable and derail important projects.

But distractions can also be very helpful. Distractions can help to pull us out of bad moods. Distractions can let us to take a break from those important tasks, allowing us to come back to them refreshed and rejuvenated. Distractions can give us the opportunity to reassess what we’re doing and what direction we want to go.

When not checked, distraction can lead to destruction. But if a person can maintain a healthy balance between distraction and getting real work done, they are a blessed break. One which I’ve found myself needing lately. It’s just a matter of not crossing that line.

I think I’ve been doing pretty well, lately.

I love you all.

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