Thankful Thursday: Vacations

Tomorrow I leave for Colorado with my mom and Pup. This is the first time in more than ten years that I’m going back to see the family. I’m both excited and sick to my stomach over it.

I love my family, but I’ve always been kind of a black sheep, so to speak. It’s not that anyone in my family really dislikes me (aside from maybe my older brother at times), but I just never really fit in. So, it’s a little nerve racking for me to visit.

But I am looking forward to the vacation! Having six days off of work is going to be stellar. I like my job, but I also get pretty stressed out when everyone around me is freaking out over things. So being out of the office for almost a straight week will really be a benefit to my psyche, I think.

Plus, even though I’m not close with them, I would like to spend some time with my family. I never get to see them, being in a different state and all, so it will be nice to check-in with people and see how everyone is doing.

I’m also taking the time to convince Pup what a brilliant idea moving to Colorado is. I’ve been trying to convince him for years that we should, but he’s always been a little resistant. He’s even more so now that we’re no longer engaged (but we do appear to be dating… which is both odd and pleasantly surprising). It will be a fun adventure researching all of the awesome things we could do if we lived there. Maybe when we get home I’ll make a PowerPoint presentation. Because I’m a nerd.

But really, the only reason I’m going at all is to see my A-Fish! A-Fish was one of my best friends when I still lived there and we still keep in touch. She is like my little sister and I love her to death! The last time I saw her was about seven years ago when she came out to San Diego to visit.

I’ve missed her so much, so I’m really excited to see her this weekend!

So, honestly, there is a lot about this trip for me to be thankful for. Mostly, though, I think I’ll be thankful if I remember to take pictures to post when I get back!

I love you all.

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P.S. No posts next week for the obvious reason.


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