Musings: Life Update

I’m really tired. Like, I’m usually tired, because I sleep on average about 4 hours a night during the week and play catch up with 12-hour hibernation fests on the weekend. But, I’m unusually tired, even for me.

School started last week and even though I’m only taking one class, I’m already stressing out over it. I’m sure that has something to do with my sudden fatigue.

On that vein, though: I bought a Happy Planner last week. I’ve tried tons of different planners and can never seem to stick with one. I get frustrated by anything that’s too big to fit in my purse (if I can’t bring it to work with me, it’s useless). But, a lot of the Filofax-type (I never bought an actual Filofax, because they are wicked expensive and I am very poor) ring planners don’t offer much space for writing. Digital/phone is good for reminders, but crap for tracking, and I can never seem to find an app that works exactly how I need it to.

I’m hoping the Happy Planner, since it’s (just) small enough to fit in my bag, but bigger than your average half-page planners, will give me a good balance between “enough space to write” and “easily carried.”

Fun Shopping Fact: Store employees just love it when you stick things in your purse to see if they’ll fit. They totally don’t follow you around the store after that, at all.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to see Jackie, my spiritual counselor. I saw her a few months ago and I’m due for another visit. She’s better than any psychologist/psychiatrist I’ve ever been to. She actually offers me help and solutions to my problems. And since she’s not a medical professional, she doesn’t try to stick me on pills, which is nice. Not being drugged is nice. I try to get in and see her once or twice a year (her rates are reasonable–about as much as a standard therapy session–but again, I am a poor college student), but I feel like 2016 might be a three visit year. It’s just been that kind of year.

I’ve hit a creative block when it comes to my original writing (what else is new), but holy Magikarp! I have been punching out self-serving fan-fic like there’s no tomorrow. I doubt any of it will ever see the light of day, but that’s fine. I wrote it for me, so. Mleh.

This has been an update.

I love you all.

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