Thankful…Friday? – Saints in Training

I missed Thankful Thursday yesterday! Foo! It’s been quite a busy week and I just didn’t get around to writing and queuing up a post. Shame on me!

But, as they say, better late than never.

This week, I want to express how incredibly grateful I am for Ms. Jacqueline Valdez and her… hmm… organization I suppose is the best word, Saints in Training.

I mentioned on Monday that I had an appointment to see her, which I attended on Tuesday. Jackie is an intuitive counselor (some might call her a psychic, but that’s not the right word–she can’t tell you what the future holds, only show you possibilities; and while she does read tarot during her sessions, she is so much more than “a tarot-reader”).

Let me tell you, there is very little more calming than sitting with her. Jackie is such a kind and gentle soul. She just radiates peace. I challenge anyone to go spend an hour with her and not come away feeling, if not more enlightened, at least in brighter emotional spirits than when they came in.

And her kindness isn’t just for show. She is always incredibly understanding. When I was still barely making ends meet, she would offer me a discount on visits. This last visit, I forgot my checkbook at home and she doesn’t have a card reader set up yet. As I sheepishly explained my predicament to her, she just smiled, told me to mail the check in, and ushered me into her office. Most other people (especially a sole proprietor of a small business) would probably have apologetically told me I couldn’t be seen. After all, who provides a service knowing that the person can’t pay?

Her trust and faith are astounding. She thinks highly of people and I genuinely believe that makes people behave better.

I love this woman with all of my heart and soul. Never in my life have I met a more patient, sweet, empathetic person. And I feel so, so blessed that I have.

I love you all.

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