Thankful Thursday: Myself

This week I’m thankful for myself. Which may sound a little self-serving, but bear with me, here.

I don’t often give myself the credit I deserve. Depression and anxiety have this funny way of getting inside of my head and making me feel basically worthless. So, I don’t usually express my gratitude simply for myself and who I am.

But I should.

We all should. Everyone should love themselves and appreciate who they are as individuals.

So that’s what I’m doing.

I’m thankful for myself and what I am. And I am a lot of good things. I’m smart. I’m funny (I think I’m funny, anyway). I’m compassionate. I know I have my flaws, but dang it I’m trying.

I’m trying my best to be better every day.

I think I’m pretty awesome.

I love you all.

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