Life Update: TGIF

This week just started off wrong. Right from the very beginning, nothing has gone as planned, to the point that it has been easier and more efficient to just disregard my planner entirely than it is to attempt to re-write and rearrange everything that has gone haywire.

Oh. My. Gaw.

First, let me just say, from the bottom of my structure-loving, neurotic mess of a heart, I absolutely despise when teachers skip around in the assigned textbook. And while I fully accept that it’s my own fault for not checking the assignment schedule on the syllabus, even if it hadn’t messed me up, it just bothers me. It just feels wrong. Chapters are laid out the way they are for a reason. Jumping around is madness.


So, scrambling around to get my homework done (because it’s two chapters this week, instead of one–seriously, I gotta start checking that syllabus) has left me with exactly zero time to get done the other things I need to get done. So, pfft! Cute dreams, kiddo.

And then work. It’s like my brain just kind of fell out today and I’m struggling to do tasks that usually take me minutes.

Honestly, thank gods it’s Friday. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I can’t wait to get home and… do more homework instead of napping.

I love you all.

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