Donald Drumph ruined the Empire (or: It was supposed to be fricking fiction)

I like villains. This isn’t uncommon; there are a lot of people who favor the villains over the heroes. Maybe it’s because they think the villains are more interesting characters; after all, so many heroes these days are cookie cut-outs, it feels. Maybe they get tired of having to be the “good guys” in real life; it can certainly be cathartic to think about firing a death-ray at your enemies. Maybe the actors or actresses who play them are just attractive; I’m not here to judge.

rebel-imperial-splitFor me, I always favored Darth Vader and the Empire, in Star Wars. I mean, I never wanted them to actually win, but my closet is filled with Vader and the Empire symbol. I just found them more interesting.

I couldn’t tell you for certain why I feel this way. I think my favoring of Darth Vader comes from having seen the prequels before the original trilogy. I was in middle school when they came out and even though my mom is a nerd and likes Star Wars, she wasn’t so much of a fan that she felt my brother and I needed to see or be raised on these movies. So, the prequels were my first introduction to the Star Wars Universe.

And I liked them. I mean, I was twelve and had nothing to compare them to, so of course I liked them. Anakin was, to me, a sympathetic character. Even though he becomes the villain, everything he did was out of a desire to protect the person he loved the most. Of course, everything he did was also a huge mistake and earned him reprimands from literally every single person who was above him.

Little isolated, depressed, pre-teen me could definitely relate to that. So, I think that’s where at least part of my favoring Vader, and by association the Empire, came from. It could also just be me being a little Edgelord™ who had to love the villains because I’m so Dark™ and Different™, who knows?

But, man, it’s difficult, these days. I mean, it’s kind of tough to enjoy the fantasy of the Empire when I’m sitting here watching my country basically turn into it. The President-Elect conned his way into the greatest position of power in the country through fear-mongering rhetoric (like Palpatine). He’s filling his cabinet with the most evil, vile, despicable beings the country has to offer. Known racists, homophobes, and sexists. Actual Nazis.

Actual Nazis have been put into positions of power in America.

It’s kind of scary, you know? I feel like I’ve stepped into the Star Wars Universe. And, for as fun as it is to dress myself in symbols of the Empire, their message never resonated with me. I always knew that, if that situation were reality, I would fight for the Rebellion because it’s the right thing to do.

So, now that situation has pretty much become the reality, so I’m fighting with the rebels, because it’s the right thing to do.

Which is all a nice to know that I can’t/won’t align myself with fascists, but what’s the point of this? Honestly, there isn’t much of a point except that I want to say an extra “FUCK YOU” to Donald Drumph for ruining my ability to enjoy what is supposed to be a dramatic space fantasy. My escape from Reality™ has now become my actual, awful reality and I’m pretty pissed off about that, so I really just needed to rant.

I love you all.

Keep fighting.

May the Force be with you.

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