Plan With Me

Oh my gosh I am pretty sure I’m dying I haven’t stopped coughing in three weeks I am drowning in homework and my head is pounding LET’S DO THIS

Since I never did make a post for last week, I have two layouts today. Whoo!

2/13/17 – 2/19/17:


With the exception of the socks stickers (for laundry day, in case you were wondering) and a small bit of Scotch brand striped washi in the upper left corner, everything used here is from Me and My Big Ideas. I will work my way through these damn sticker books or die trying!

(Those should be clickable and take you to an attachment page for more detailed viewing. Hopefully? IDK I’ve taken a lot of cough medicine.)

For Valentine’s Day week, I wanted to stick with pinks, because I’m a walking cliche. Also, I like pink and black/white stripes.

2/20/17 – 2/26/17:


Once again, everything is from Me and My Big Ideas. I think all from the same sticker book, even.

This week, I decided to take the green accent color on the planner itself and run with it. I really like how this week came out! Which is good because it will probably be preserved forever immaculately, because it’s almost six in the evening on Monday and I’m still too sick to actually fill it in.

But, it looks nice, right???

Okay, I hope you enjoyed this. I’m very tired and moderately drugged, so I’m going to sleep for the next ten hours.

I love you all.

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