Plan With Me: Haha, oops! edition

Are you ever just sure–just 100% certain–that you’ve done something? Something like, let’s say just for a random example, scheduled a post for your blog? Then you go to post a different post and you see that your blog post was never actually scheduled at all and just sitting uselessly in drafts for a week? Has that ever happened to you?

Because it happened to me.

So, once again, I have two spreads for you all this week. And I’m seriously considering decorating my spread for next week and scheduling it now so this doesn’t happen again.

So, first let me say that I got a fancy light box for photography and I don’t really know what I’m doing. I’m still struggling with lighting and adjusting my camera settings. I just realized that my white balance on my camera is still set from some outdoor shooting I did a while ago, so the colors for these two weeks are off. I tried to fix them in photoshop the best I could, but I’m not a graphics person, so bear with me, please. Thank you.

Week of 2/27/17 – 3/5/17

Full week spread

This week I wanted to do a rainbow spread, because the March colors in the watercolor Happy Planner I have scream for it! So expect lots of rainbow stuff this month.

I decided to use some of the stickers I got ages ago from Sticky Essentials on etsy. The icons, flags, and weekend banner are all from there. The to-do lists, dots, hearts, and inspirational stickers are all from Me and My Big Ideas.

I really like how this spread came out. It’s very fun and bright, and I’m sad the pictures I have don’t do it justice (stupid white balance). But, I’ll be doing a similar layout soon.

Week of 3/6/17 – 3/12/17

(Again, sorry the white balance was off. I tried to fix it in photoshop.)

Full week spread

Since Pup and I are going to Disneyland on Wednesday, I figured this was a perfect week to use the Little Mermaid boxes I received from Pink Owl Planner Studio on etsy. Again, I mixed this up with some check lists, dots, and hearts from MAMBI. The weekend banner and little inspirational sticker to the side are also from MAMBI.

I’m not incredibly enamored with how this one came out. The boxes aren’t really full boxes for the Happy Planner, so it leaves white space. Now, I’m not a “no white space” planner by any means, but I do like my full boxes to be… you know… full.

Still, I like the kit in general. In retrospect, I probably should have layered them over some washi, but my washi storage is currently buried as I’m doing some spring cleaning, so to speak.

Next week I’ll remember to fix the settings on my camera so everything doesn’t have this yellow/orange/pink cast to it.

I love you all.

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