A little bit about where I’ve been.

I’m sorry I’ve been so lacking in updates. Between the depression and anxiety, and school, and work… my desire to write anything–or even really do anything–has been practically non-existent.

There’s also been another thing going on that’s been adding some stress to my life, that I didn’t want to mention just yet. But…

I’m moving!

Well, my mother and I are moving. Into a new apartment. Where I will have my own bathroom (this is probably meaningless to most of you, but it’s huge for me for reasons I won’t disgust you with). We go to sign the lease on Saturday, barring some kind of catastrophe. *knock on wood*

I’m very excited, and very nervous. Where we’re moving to is a little further from my work and will add a half hour to my (already nightmarish) commute. I’m not looking forward to that. It’s also further from school–same problem.

But no more sharing a one bedroom apartment! My own bathroom! MY CLOSET! YOU GUYS! I will have to post pictures of this closet when we get moved in (around mid/end of April). It’s a to-die-for walk-in.

And the area is really nice. There are sidewalks, which the area we’re currently living in is drastically lacking. (Sidewalks. Seriously.) I think it will be good.

But, also, it’s something I’m going to be dealing with for the next month and a half, so I probably won’t be doing much decorating in my planner because I just don’t have the time. But once I’m settled and organized (*cue angelic music*) and I have space (*angelic music intensifies*) then I want to start, you know, actually using this thing.

I love you all.


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