Asking Questions is Important; or, I may have spoken too soon.

So, we received our lease agreement to sign today.

Let me tell you a lesson in asking questions when searching for a place to live: Never assume anything is the same anywhere. Don’t think that just because certain things are standard in other places that they will be standard where you’re going.

In every apartment I’ve ever lived in, water and trash have been included in the rent. You pay your own electricity and gas, but trash and water come included. Not this place. That could end up adding another $100+ to our rent, which we sadly cannot afford.

I’ve also never seen an apartment that requires you to declaw your cat. That’s reason enough to reject this place. Morally bankrupt monsters.

I am incredibly disappointed–this place was gorgeous. Nice area. Affordable rent for a two bedroom and two bathroom apartment with central hair and a washer and dryer in the unit. But that’s because they’re also not footing the cost for things other apartments do.

So, we keep looking.

Such is life.

I still love you all.



  1. Sorry to hear about that. Really, having to declaw your cat? That’s crazy! I’d never heard of declawing cats before, it’s not a thing here in Ireland. It sounds absolutely awful.


    • Oh yea it’s horrible. It causes all sorts of long term pain and problems. It’s removing the whole knuckle. Could you imagine have your whole first knuckle removed? Anyone who requires it is a sociopath who hates cats as far as I’m concerned.


      • Uh, ya I wouldn’t trust anyone who thought declawing was a good idea! I was just reading up on it, don’t think it’s illegal here but the veterinary council of Ireland don’t allow it so I think you’d be hard pushed to find a vet willing to declaw a cat unless it was for medical reasons of some sort and had to be done.

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