Plan With Me 3/20 – 3/26

So, after spending another weekend not being able to find anything, my mother and I decided it’s probably best that we stay where we’re at. So, we won’t be moving after all. I’d be disappointed, but I don’t have the time this week.

On with it!


I did another rainbow themed spread because I love my rainbows. In sharp contrast (of which the above photo has very little), I do not love accidentally deleting half of the images I took, leaving me with a very limited amount to work with. Hence why the editing on some of these is so drastic and inconsistent.

My photography teacher would be ashamed.

02I’ve added a lot of “dailies” to my planner to encompass things I don’t need to do (I won’t be hurting myself if I don’t do them), but I definitely should do if I ever want to achieve any of my future goals. So, instead of my dot system, I just put check list stickers at the bottom.

For my non-recurring tasks, I used a checklist stamp from AtelierDreams on etsy. I have an ink pad that is a rainbow of smaller individual ink pads in a row. Usually, I would take one out to use a single color, but I like the effect of just using it as I would a regular solid ink pad to get a rainbow gradient. It fits well with my theme for the week. I used the same effect on the “work” stamp (comprised of an alphabet stamp kit I got from Michael’s years ago), and the other saying stamps.

03The stickers I used are all from Me and My Big Ideas. I’m still working my way through that one functional sticker book–as long as I can keep coming up with themes around what’s in it, I don’t think I’ll have to buy another sticker book for a long, long time.

I’ve been in the midst of a severe depressive episode for the last… well… it’s been a while and let’s just leave it at that. Lately, it’s gotten really bad, so I wanted to cover this spread in inspirational and motivational stickers. Are they going to magically cure my depression? No, but they’re a fun and pretty little reminder of things I can do to lessen its impact.

Also, because I am a sarcastic little witch, I decided to utilize some stamps I got from Pup for Christmas. These are by Dylusions and the sets (I have two different sets) have a series of quotes, most of which are rudely funny. I needed a little humor to cut through all of the darling optimism.

Unfortunately, they’re kind of difficult to see. The first says, “I don’t like morning people… Or mornings… Or people.” This is appropriately placed on Tuesday, the start of my work week. The second says, “Don’t give me attitude. I already have it!” And finally, the third reads, “As long as everything is exactly the way I want, I’m totally flexible.”

06I also decided to try something else this week, in regards to tracking my depression and anxiety. So, using a sheet of Me and My Big Ideas graph paper, I made a bullet journal style chart to track the severity of my depression and anxiety at five points throughout the day.

I’m not incredibly impressed with how this came out. For starters, I’m going to have to fix the times on it. I started every day at five in the morning, because I’ve come to associate my depression and anxiety with waking up for work (which I do at 4:30am). Obviously, that’s not appropriate for my days off, when I sleep in.

It’s also chaotic look. I upped the contrast on this picture a lot, because it wasn’t showing up very well on the original image. So, while it’s not quite this jarring to look at, it does still give me a bit of a migraine when I do. Everything is crowded together and doesn’t allow for any room to write notes, like what I’m doing or what factors may be contributing to my current mood.

I will probably revisit this idea later. I feel like it probably needs its own journal, rather than a single sheet of paper.

I love you all.

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