Plan With Me 4/10 – 4/16

In case you missed it, I lost my job on Friday. I’m not doing super great; my head is a little cloudy and I’m (unsurprisingly) Very Stressed Out. And this layout kinda reflects that.

(Note: You may notice that I link to the products I use when possible. I am not a representative in any way, shape, or form working for any of these companies. I’m not being paid or given free stuff to do this. These are not affiliate links. Everything I link to, I do so because it’s a product I enjoy using and I want you to be able to get your hands on it if it interests you. It’s so frustrating to see a cool layout, want that stamp/sticker/etc and have no idea how to get it.)


This layout is crammed full of motivational and inspirational quotes. I tried not to make it too overcrowded, but it’s definitely busier than I usually like my layouts. As a result, I have something I’m not visually satisfied with, but I keep staring at and reading because I need to.

This is definitely a case of function over form.

03I utilized stamping a lot for this week’s spread. I’m running out of checklist stickers in my MAMBI Every Day Plans sticker book I’ve been working through and don’t really have any kits that coordinate with this month’s color scheme in my Happy Planner. So, expect to be seeing more stamps in the near future.

The heart checklist stamp is from Atelier Dreams on Etsy. I totally misaligned Monday, but shhh… We’re not gonna pay any attention to that.

I also used my two Dylusions stamp kits (link, link) for the various quote stamps you see. Most of the quotes in those two sets lean towards the humorously rude and weird, but there are a couple that are actually pretty motivational/inspirational. Those are the ones I used.

I got that cupcake stamp at Michael’s aaaaages ago. It makes me want to bake cupcakes!

02I get the rainbow/ombre/transitional color you see on some of my stamping by rearranging colors on my favorite Colorbox Paintbox Ink Pad (I use the bright, not the pastel) and the Colorbox 5-Color Ink Pad in Twilight (the colors on this can’t be rearranged).

The other motivational stickers are from various Me and My Big Ideas sticker books.

I also broke out the washi tape for the first time in a while. I used it to cover the awful orange lower border and add a few splashes of the color scheme to the pages. Some of the stamps and stickers didn’t stick exactly on scheme (mostly those two green stickers that just… looking at them now… ugh), so I think the washi accents help to balance it out. Also, I feel like it’s been a hot minute since I’ve used washi, which is not good because I have about $300 worth of it.

Now that I’m not working and will likely have more stuff to put in my planner until I find a job (household chores, job hunting, etc…) I’m considering doing a “week in review” sort of thing, where I look back through my plans for the week and see what I did and didn’t accomplish. Is that something anyone would be interested in? Let me know.

I love you all.



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