Kim Reaper issue #1

Hello, lovely people! I come with something other than a planner layout! By the gods! Two posts in a single week! I feel like a new human.

Or something. Anyway. I LOVE COMICS!

These days I stray away from Marvel and DC because the constant reboots of series has been messing with my head. It’s difficult to keep track of things when there have been five issue #1s for the same title over the span of two years. So, I’ve mostly been sticking to smaller (ie: not the Big Two) publishers and indie comics.

And have I found something I’m bloody in love with, these days.

I first heard about Kim Reaper on Autostraddle when Mey Rude interviewed creator Sarah Graley. It looked right up my alley, so I immediately went to my local comic book shop and requested it (which I highly recommend doing if there is a title you’re interested in seeing). Lo and behold, last week when I went to pick up my comics for the week, there it was on the shelf.

It did not disappoint.

Variant Cover by Lissa Treiman
Image from Comics Alliance

A quick synopsis: Becka, a happy, positive fine art student, has a crush on Kim, a goth “cutie with a booty” in her class. When she goes to invite Kim for drinks, she sees Kim open up a portal in the middle of the hall and inadvertently gets sucked into Kim’s part time job as a grim reaper… of animals (a cat, in this particular case). Bickering ensues and shenanigans begin.

The story so far is cute and I’m a sucker for a sapphic protagonist. Becka’s dogged determination to get drinks with the object of her affections outweighs even basic survival instincts, and I think everyone can relate to that. I mean, who hasn’t unwittingly allowed themselves to be sucked into an inter-dimensional portal to ask out their crush?

Kim Reaper
Image from Comics Alliance

The art style is a little cutely absurd for my taste, but it works well with the story itself, because the story itself is also cutely absurd. This art style would fit in really well in Cartoon Network’s run of shows like Steven Universe, Adventure Time, and Rick and Morty, if it were to ever be turned into an animated series. *cough cough*

It’s pretty much everything I needed to read when I was still in high school. It gives me warm, tingly feelings of nostalgia for my time as a little gothy kitten. And with a variant cover like that, how could I not be impressed?

I’m eagerly awaiting issue two, coming out May 17th.

Content Disclaimer: I do not own any of the above images. Both were taken from Comics Alliance (link in image captions). I’m not making any money off of this post (or this entire blog, if you really wanna know). I have not been requested to review this comic. I’m not being compensated by creator, publisher, or anyone else, monetarily or otherwise. I just want to share a thing that I like.


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