Best Laid Plans

I have a bit of a confession, that really isn’t much of a confession because I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it a thousand times: I don’t often use my planner. I know I should, because I’m such a scatter-brained mess, but the fact is I never remember to check it. I’ve tried leaving it out on my desk, carrying it with me in my purse, setting reminders on my phone, using my phone as my planner…

I guess I’m just a fly-by-the-seat-on-my-pants kind of witch.

So, why do I bother decorating my planner every week?

To put it simply, I find it calming.

Especially right now, I feel completely out of control of my life. Things like making lists and plans helps me focus, even if for a moment. Taking the time to decorate my planner and plan out my week, even if I don’t even so much as glance at it, helps me feel a little more in control. A little more secure in my ability to get things done.

Making plans, even if they fall apart, is one of the few things that helps to keep the anxiety and depression at bay. And, even though I often ignore my planner after about Tuesday, just the simple act of planning at all puts the idea of “get things done” into my head.

No, I don’t get everything I want done. But, I get more (much more) done than I used to before I used a planner. So, that’s a win.

Of course, my main (if eventual) goal is to get in the habit of using my planner on a regular basis. Or, maybe rather, finding some sort of planning system that does work for me. I’m thinking maybe a wall calendar—something that will be big and in my face that I can see every day without having to remember to open it and check.


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