Diary: Full Moon Energy

The last three days (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) has been the full moon cycle. Full moons are known for having a particularly strong energy. My original plan, when I realized that the moon waxed into fullness on Tuesday, was to have Pup come over, talk, get his stuff, and then on Wednesday (when the full moon was at its peak), do a cleansing ritual to get rid of the negative energy from the last week.

I woke up early on Wednesday (3:30am; my sleep schedule is getting closer to normal) and cleaned my room. Like, really cleaned it. For the first time in a year I can close my closet door. I can use both my desk and craft table without having to move piles of things from the tops of them. Things are as organized as they could possibly get considering how much stuff I currently have (there are a few boxes under my craft table, but they are easily moved). All that was left was to vacuum, wash my bed sheets, and I’d be ready to cleanse.

All before noon!

Unfortunately, my uterus also decided that the full moon was a great time to get rid of things it no longer wanted. So, my cleansing will have to wait until I can stand for longer than five minutes at a time and am capable of thinking clearly (mostly thinking clearly). Luckily, new moons, while not possessing the full moon’s particular strength of power, lend themselves well to cleansings and new beginnings. So, I guess I can wait a couple more weeks.

At least I got my room clean, which is something I’ve been desperate to get done for a year. Now I actually have room to work on the craft projects that I want to get done. And as I work on my craft projects and use up more supplies, it will open up more space.

I think at the end of the summer I will do a culling of supplies, as well. I think it’s time to accept that I’m just literally physically incapable of completing everything I want to. We’ll see how much I get done by the end of summer.

I love you all.


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