Plan With Me 5/22 – 5/28

I decided to do something different than usual this week, to conclude my month of Halloween in May.


Blackout planning!

I love blackout planner spreads. Mostly because I love any color scheme that is mostly black with some kind of bright accents. In this case, I decided to keep it simple with white and a little bit of bright pink

03I went with a horizontal layout just because it was easier for me to draw. So, of course, I messed up the spacing on the left side. Unfortunately, the double-sided tape I use to secure the black paper to my planner is pretty permanent, so removing it and starting over wasn’t an option.

Luckily, Wednesday ended up being the smaller section, which is fine. I don’t usually do much on Wednesdays anyway.

The days of the week and date stamps, as well as the skeleton, skull filigree, and witch’s foot stamps, are all from Micheal’s. I originally stamped the days of the week in bright pink ink which didn’t show up very well. Thankfully, it left enough of an image that I could trace over it in my pink gel pen.

02As usual, my checklist stamp is from Lawn Fawn. I elongated it by very carefully stamping it three times next to each other. In retrospect, just using a ruler and pen would have been much easier and even, but… live and learn.

I have my general “to-do” checklists under each date, and then I used the eighth section to list my dailies for the week. I’m trying to be more active in my life, so I’m trying to write, read, and socialize (in this case, posting on Instagram, which is totally social) a little bit every day.

I actually really like this horizontal style of layout, probably more than the normal vertical layout of the classic Happy Planner. Maybe next year, if I keep using a Happy Planner (I’m still trying to figure out the right planner fit for me, but I have to admit that the Happy Planners are incredibly fun to decorate), I think I’ll get one of the few horizontal classics they have.

I probably won’t be around much this week, since I’m going up to my dad’s house to spend some time relaxing and he doesn’t have wifi as far as I know. I’ll have my phone, but that’s pretty limited in what I can do.

But, I’ll be back next week.

I love you all.


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