Plan With Me: 5/29/17 – 6/4/17


June marks the beginning of Pride Month. Combined with the fact that the June colors in my Happy Planner lend themselves well to rainbow layouts, I’m doing a(nother) month of rainbows! Because I’m queer and I love rainbows.

02I used my usual stamps from Lawn Fawn and Anxiety Aids for my practical planning. The stickers are from various Happy Planner books.

I really love doing rainbow layouts. They’re fun and bright and happy.

I can always use a little bit of happy.

03But, man! They aren’t easy. Or rather, getting variance in rainbow layouts isn’t easy.

There are only so many different ways to use a rainbow. There are only so many different layouts in my brain.

So, my goal this month I’m going to attempt to step out of my comfort zone with my layouts. It’s going to be difficult, and it will maybe look awful, but I need to expand my creative arsenal.



Also, this month I’m trying to use my mini planner more often. My classic planner is a little too big for me to carry in my purse, so I’d like to switch to a mini.

Plus, because my fitness planner is a mini, I’m able to keep the two in the same place. Ideally, I’d like to keep all of my stuff in my mini deluxe so I can keep everything with me. Once I figure it out, maybe I’ll do one of those planner tour type posts.


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