Craft Project: Magnetic Washi Photo Board


This weekend, I made a magnet photo board! It’s a fun, fast project that came out pretty well, I think.

I have an old white board I used for writing down all of my assignments and due dates for school, but I don’t really use anymore. It’s functional, but the board has some scratches from when I hate to scrape permanent tape off with a razorblade, so it doesn’t erase very well. Ink gets caught in the dings and leaves ugly marks on the board. I hate looking at it, so I can’t really use it.

So, I knew I couldn’t really use it as a dry erase board anymore. But, I knew it was still useful, I just needed to figure out what I could use it for if not a dry erase board. I did a quick internet search which didn’t turn up a lot of projects that didn’t involve using it as a dry erase board, but something stood out to me.

Using it as a magnetic memo board. I got the idea from an article on office organization–using it as a place to stick papers. I don’t have any office papers I need to keep track of (and if I did, I have a magnetic backing on my desk for it). But, I do have a ton of pictures in a ton of frames and not nearly enough shelf space for them. I can’t afford one of those fancy multi-picture wall frames. This seemed like a great solution.

But, I couldn’t just leave it plain white and scratched up. I had to cover it with something. I couldn’t really attach fabric and I don’t have any paint which would work on that type of surface. Enter: Washi tape!

I picked washi tapes that I have multiples of or I don’t use that often. I love that thick cat washi, but I don’t use it in my planners very often because it’s so thick. I also have two rolls of it, so I knew I wanted to use that for my board. I grabbed the pink to compliment and the orange as contrast (the cat washi has little bits of orange in it which are difficult to see in the pictures). And the black and white stripe washi is another favorite of mine and it goes with everything.


I laid the washi down in semi-random patterns and used an exacto knife to cut it off at the edge. And that’s it! That’s all it takes! The whole project took me all about a half an hour from gathering the materials to mounting it on the wall (I used Command Strips).

It looks cute, it holds way more pictures than my shelves can, and the pictures are easily interchangeable so if I ever get sick of staring at my ex’s face, I can quickly swap them out for the pictures of my niece and nephews that I need to pull out of the photo album. And now, I can use my shelves for the eight-thousand books I have.

Go forth and craft!

I love you all.



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