Plan with Me 6/5/17 – 6/11/17

My birthday is on Saturday! Whoo!


It’s still Pride Month and I’m still rocking the rainbow themes. But since this is also my birthday week, I wanted it to seem a little more… celebratory, I guess?

02This is the first layout I’ve done in a while where I used washi tape as a main component in my decoration. I have all this washi tape and it’s just been sitting there. Doing nothing. Wasted.

One of my favorite things to do with washi tape is making streamers. I used thin Recollections washi to create the little rainbow banner on the side remnant of the Pride flag.

I used some Me and My Big Ideas rainbow striped washi to create full boxes to block out most of Saturday, because that’s my birthday and my plan for my birthday is to… do nothing! Do absolutely nothing, because I’m tired and I want to do n03othing.

My weekend banner is from Sticky Essentials on etsy. All of the other stickers are from Me and My Big Ideas.

My functional stamps are my usuals from Lawn Fawn and Anxiety Aids.

The cupcake stamp is from Michael’s, as are the Dylusions quote stamps. I used a rainbow ink pad, also from Michael’s, to get the multicolored effect on the Dylusions quotes.



Decoration in my mini is considerably simpler. The washi and cupcake stamp are the same I used in my classic Happy Planner and the balloon stamp is part of the Lawn Fawn kit I have.

I’m not a big fan of my birthday now that I’m older and don’t really “celebrate” it. A few years ago my old roommate arranged for dinner and a night out with our friends because she was appalled that I don’t celebrate my birthday. It was fun and I appreciate that she cared so much, but it’s just… not my thing.

I wish it was my thing. I want this layout to be happy and pleasant, so when I look at it I can feel excited about my birthday coming up. I still don’t really feel excited about my birthday coming up, but I do really like this layout. It is happy and it is pleasant and it does feel celebratory.

So, that’s a win.

I love you all.


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