Diary: First day as a grown up.

Day 1 of 365

Yesterday (it’s not midnight, yet; technically it’s still the 11th) was my birthday, which I may have mentioned. It was a good day. Some highlights:

  • I slept until almost three in the afternoon.
  • I got to eat my favorite meal for dinner.
  • Pup brought me flowers (a rare treat).
  • I bought myself a new zoom lens for my camera (not utilized in the above photo).

On my Instagram (@cupcakewitchery), I decided I wanted to do one of those 365 selfies things, where I take a selfie every day. Today is day two and so far, so good! Small victories.

But, on that line of thinking, I thought it would be cool to also do 365 self portraits. That is, pictures not taken on my phone. The goal is, hopefully, to improve my skills in this area. I don’t know if I’ll post one every day, but at least once or twice a week I’ll post what I’ve got. So, look forward to those.

The summer semester starts next Tuesday (6/20). I’m both excited for and dreading it. I’m taking a class on campus which is never incredibly exciting for me with the whole anxiety thing and the two hours on the bus thing. But, at least it’s an afternoon class, so I don’t have to leave until almost noon and I’ll have a ride home after class. I’m trying to look on the bright side.

It’ll be awesome! Whoo! Bright side!

I intend to talk about my meeting with my counselor, really. But, I’m still trying to figure out how to word things properly, since some explanation as to what these appointments actually are seems to be required.

I love you all.


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