Diary: Good days

Day 3 of 365

Yesterday was a good day. Today was a good day. Days where I get things done are good days.

I had to run a few errands yesterday by myself, because they needed to be done pretty much that day (they really should have been done this weekend, but like hell I’m running errands on my birthday). So, I took the bus an hour and a half to the mall to do literally five minutes of shopping. Seriously, all it took was five minutes. I was at the mall for ten minutes, because I couldn’t justify taking the bus that long just to be done in five minutes, so I went to Godiva and bought some chocolate.

Then I went to Barnes and Noble to pick up a dictionary. That was it; the dictionary was all I needed. Once I got there, I decided I didn’t really need a dictionary, but proceeded to buy three notebooks, a book of Irish folk tales, and a Bible. Yes, a Bible. Because I’ve been meaning to read the Bible and yesterday seemed as good a day as any to pick one up.

I had a nice conversation with the older (not old, but older) lady at the register about how she thought it was cute that one of the journals matched the Bible (yes, intentionally) and how she does that, too. “I like when things match,” she said with the kindest smile ever. I stood awkwardly and nodded politely about how I should go on a women’s retreat since I already “have everything [I] need! A Bible, notebook…” I didn’t have the heart to tell her I’m a filthy agnostic Pagan witch heathen and only want to read the Bible for educational purposes. She was being so nice and was just so excited to be selling me a Bible. It doesn’t hurt anything if she thinks I’m a Christian and the last thing I ever need is that Look people get on their faces when I say, “Actually, I’m a Pagan.”

I got home, ate a half a sandwich and a salad for dinner, went to sleep at a normal time. I was like a real life adult yesterday! Whoo!

It’s funny. I hate leaving the house. Like, the actual act of leaving the house; I hate putting on clothes and locking the door and walking to the bus stop. But, once I’m on the bus and going and doing the things I actually really enjoy it and end up dreading having to come home. Once I’m actually out running errands, I will run all the errands until I run out of time or money (usually money).

Today was a little more relaxed. No bus-adventures to the bookstores for awkwardly nice conversations with Christian cashiers. But, I did do my laundry and wash the dishes. These are two of my least favorite tasks, tied with cleaning the shower for the top bleh. So, the fact that I did both of them within an eight hour time frame is nothing short of a miracle.

Must’ve been the Jesus-power from the Bible.

Tomorrow, I’m going with Pup to the San Diego County Fair, because I forget every year how much I hate the crowds of people at the Fair and also forget every year that it’s always ridiculously crowded even when we go in the middle of the week because it’s summer and the children are not in school anymore.

So, maybe I’ll have some pictures of that.

I love you all.



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