Hard Reset and Aliases

Well, the deed is done. My blog has been wiped clean and, as far as anyone who finds my blog now is concerned, this is my first post.

I mentioned in my last, now-deleted, post that I’ve decided to use an alias for this blog and would appreciate it if any of my readers who know/remember my name don’t use it. I guess “alias” isn’t quite the right term, because I’m not coming up with some fake name or anything. I’ve just decided to not have my name linked to my blog. My blog title is my name now, I guess. I don’t know if that’s still an alias, but I would still greatly appreciate people not using my name here. Comments will be moderated and edited if they contain my actual name.

That said, I’m not going super out of my way on it. If I comment on your blog and you happen to use my first name, I’m not terribly worried about it. I mostly don’t want my blog to be accessible to any potential employers or extended family members (my mother already has a link to my blog, so I can’t really do anything about that).

If I ever get to a point in my life where I’m self-employed, or permanently fixed in a job where my views wouldn’t cause me problems, I will probably go back to using my name in this space (and will probably consolidate all of my other blogs/online presences into this one space).

Obviously, I intend to make some changes, because that’s what fresh starts are for. So, here’s what’s going down:

  • No more planner posts. At least, not every week; I may do a monthly flip-through. I’ll still be posting my weekly layouts on Instagram (@cupcakewitchery), but I don’t want my blog to get clogged with planner posts again.
  • More personal/diary entries. This space is supposed to be my diary (before it was tag-lined “Diary of a Neurotic Witch” it was “Diary of a Compulsive List Maker”), but I thought my life was too boring to write about. But, this is my blog, so who cares?
  • Posts will be sporadic for the time being as I try to get my life into something stable. I’d love to have a regular post schedule, but regularity requires stability and that’s just something I don’t quite have yet.

Now, I’ve had enough Christian Planner Moms follow me on Instagram and then unfollow me at the first queer/feminist/mental illness post that I worry I’ve accidentally presented a false image of myself. It’s part of the reason I’ve decided to nix the planner posts on my blog.

So, let me make this clear: My life is not family friendly. I’m a queer, agender, child-free, sex-positive-feminist witch. I’m not a Christian Planner Mom and I never will be. I have plenty of friends who are Christian moms, and if you’re in that CPM category and you think I’m cool and want to be my friend, that’s awesome and I probably also want to be your friend. But, I also don’t want people to be disappointed when they find out I’m a heathen, so. Again. Not. Family. Friendly.

I still love you all.

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