I had wanted to go out job hunting this week. I think I’ve exhausted all the online applications I can put in and there are a few stores I’m interested in working at which don’t do the online thing. I wanted to go fill out their paper applications and drop off my resume.

But, there’s a severe heat warning this week. Temperatures in the 90’s. If I drove, that wouldn’t really be a problem for me, but since I take the bus (and therefor have to walk a lot), it’s inadvisable for me to be out and about very much. Especially since I’m prone to dehydration.

I really should get that checked out.

So, instead, I stayed in yesterday and bagged-and-tagged all my non-display stones/crystals/gems for storage.


That doesn’t include the about twenty pounds of rough I have, as well. I might have a problem.

I really didn’t mean for things to get so out of hand. I just like shiny things. And when I see a stone I’ve never seen before, I want to add it to my collection. And each type of stone has its own metaphysical properties. I like to be prepared for whatever I may need, you know? That’s a good thing.

I’m considering downsizing, though. Keeping a few jars of “general purpose” stones, like quartz, amethyst, obsidian, etc. Those stones that have multiple properties and that I can generally identify just by looking at them. Maybe. Possibly.

Since today is going to be another heat advisory warning, I’m going to be staying in and scouring the internet for any more online applications I might have missed, interspersed with cleaning my room and working on an outline for a story I want to write.

Because adulthood, or something like that.

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