Diary: College Witchery

My registration date for the fall semester is rapidly approaching and I’m not sure what I want to take, yet. I had enrolled in a class this summer, but dropped it after the first week because taking the bus and walking in ninety degree heat twice a week for eight weeks didn’t appeal to me. But, I definitely have to be enrolled in the fall.

Or have a job so I can pay rent. That’s the deal I made with my mother. I’m okay with either scenario, but there isn’t much in the way of jobs for me, right now.

I was talking to Pup a week or so ago, kicking around the idea of just… not schooling, anymore. I’m not… great at school. I’m good at learning, but I’m not good at schooling. I’m not good at waking up and going and sitting in a room where my intelligence is ranked by my ability to decipher multiple choice tests. I’m awful with time constraints.

But, I also desperately need to learn to socialize and talk to people again. Since I have no job (and it doesn’t look like I’ll get one any time soon), school is my only other option. Unless I want to just talk to random people on the street, but I really, really do not want to do that.

On top of not knowing what I want to take (I’ll probably just stick to general education stuff… which looking at the sheet online isn’t as “general” as you might imagine), I don’t even know what I need to take. I haven’t officially changed my major, yet, so the “academic plan” I have is still from when I was an English major. Not to mention, I don’t remember what classes I took at my old school that carried over, so… bleh. Oh, and on the topic of my old school, I have failing grades I need to petition to have removed! Yay!

Gods, stay in school, kids. Stay in school and do well.

I know I probably should go in and talk to a counselor, but school counseling is such a jumbled mess of bureaucratic red tape… they basically kick you out once your time is up (that sucks if you still have questions–make another appointment) and they spend at least half that time going over everything from your last meeting with a fine-toothed comb, which is already in the system!

School is a nightmare, which is just another reason why I debate giving up on “typical” education, I think. Community colleges are just run so poorly.

Anyway. I should go get my list of classes ready.

I love you all.

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