Diary: Scattered

I’ve been feeling really scattered, lately. I’ve started, like, four blog posts, but I can’t make sense of what I want to say. So, I have all these ideas, but no words to explain them. Which is, really, kind of a first for me. Usually I have too many words to explain what I want to say.

I’m in a weird emotional place and it’s not great, but it’s life.

I register for classes today, which start in August some time. I’m hoping the break in routine will help me out a little bit. Also, taking classes which actually interest me. I think that was my problem with Anthropology–I’m just not interested in the subject. I’m leading this semester with English as my first class, so hopefully I’ll be motivated to go and since I’ll already be on campus, I’ll go to my next class (Interpersonal Communication… bleh). Whatever works.

Comic Con is this weekend and Pup and I will be there on Friday. I’m looking forward to taking pictures of cosplayers and wandering the exhibits. Mostly taking pictures of cosplayers. Hopefully next year we’ll be able to get passes for the whole weekend. *fingers crossed*

And… what else? Oh, I’ve been working on some projects. My witch jacket and feminist vest, to be precise. I’m hoping to have the vest finished by Friday so I can wear it to Comic-Con, but I never hold my breath.

I should get back to it.

I love you all.

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