Diary: I would totally bang 19-year-old me (or; Damn, I used to look great naked)

Sorry, no images to go along with that title claim.

So, I’m cleaning out my external hard drive; I want to organize it because right now it’s 500gb of clusterfuck and I can’t find anything. Particularly, I can’t find my old photography, because in my haste to Get Things Backed Up NOW, I never took the time to properly title or label things. This is a problem, because almost all of my photography prior to 2016 is on that thing and I’d like to take a look at some of it, being a photographer, and all.

I decided that the best (not easiest, but certainly most in-depth) way to do this is to transfer everything off my hard drive onto USB drives, and then add things back file by file. It will take months, but it will be hyper organized.

Fun fact: I used to take a lot of selfies. And some of them were of… an adult variety.

Ya’ll. Nineteen-year-old Cupcake Witch was hot. Not that I’m not still hot, but… wow. Ten years makes a difference, kids. I can’t believe my breasts were ever that small (and, for the record, they were not ever small and my back is killing me right now). I also can’t believe I used to eat entire cakes in a sitting and still had a stomach that flat. I didn’t even work out.

Fucking teenage metabolism; that’s not fair.

I’m not going to lie, looking at some of these pictures is making me a wee bit self-conscious, but I’m trying to push past it. Obviously, it is ridiculous to compare my almost-thirty-year-old body to the body I had when I was nineteen. Show me a thirty-year-old who looks the same as they did at nineteen and I’ll show you someone who made a pact with the devil.

Actually, that might not be such a bad idea….

You think the he’d let me keep my soul if I just baked him a really good cake? I make a damn fine cake.

I think I’m gonna go have some cake.

Have a good week, kids.

I love you all.

4 thoughts on “Diary: I would totally bang 19-year-old me (or; Damn, I used to look great naked)

  1. Girl, wait until you get to be my age. When I take off my bra at night, I pray my tits don’t hit the floor! WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?? Anyway, good luck with your hard drives and organizing, you have your work cut out for you. Now go have some cake!

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    1. I tried to reply to this DAYS ago, but the app apparently ate my reply. But, I have a 34HH (UK sizing, I think in US it’s 34J) chest. Trust me, I know that “please don’t hit the floor” feeling! XD No cake, but I did bake some cookies, which are just as good. 😉

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