Craft/Planner Supplies

In an effort to free up some space in my tiny, tiny room, and possibly get my credit card paid off before I turn 30, I’ve decided to sell some of my craft and planner supplies that I know I won’t use.

A lot of it is scrapbook paper (including a couple totally complete, never had a page removed books) and some mini Happy Planner accessories, there’s also cardstock, pre-folded blank cards for decorating, some “learn to” books, a couple coloring books, a card game… All sorts of stuff.

Everything is posted up on my Facebook page. Feel free to message me over there with questions or offers. I’m totally willing to make deals if you want to buy multiple items.

ALSO, if you’re a teacher in the San Diego/East County/North County (CA) area and are willing to meet up somewhere on a Wednesday or weekend to pick up, I will gladly donate any of the paper crafting stuff, ribbon, or binders to your classroom.

So, please, check it out. Share it. Help me get out of debt and get my room organized.

I love you all.

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