College Witchery: Study Break

I’m sitting in my campus library as I type this, on the awful, awful wifi they have (because there’s like a million students using it). I stayed late at school to do some reading and work on an assignment due on Thursday that I’m absolutely not going to want to do tomorrow.

But, about an hour and a half in, I decided I’d rather actually cut one of my fingers off than read my history of photography book (I may drop this class because I haaaaaate it). So, I started working on my paper for English, on cultural appropriation in advertising… but I am still unsure on my materials (I need to find an ad and I don’t know if the ad I want to use is appropriate because it’s from the archives of the internet).

So, basically, I decided to waste four hours of my life (assuming I get home by 6pm) for no good reason, because I’ve gotten exactly nothing of substance done. I could have left right after class, not had to haul around 40lbs of books, and be eating dinner right now if I’d had any kind of foresight.

But, I lack foresight, so I’m sitting in the school library waiting for the text from my mother saying she’s on her way to save me and writing a blog post about being unproductive, because that’s productive.

Have I mentioned that this is the first time in years I’ve taken classes on campus? Because, I really think that plays a part. I’m not used to having to complete things on a rigid timeline–usually it’s just like, “Get it in before midnight on Saturday” and that has always worked for me. I should have taken my English class online, but I wanted to get back in the habit of waking up early and on a regular schedule like an adult.

Now, I’m stuck having to write rough drafts of essays and doing peer review and I just… I hate.

But, I still don’t hate it as much as reading about Daguerrotype, so I’ll stick with English and History of Photography can rot.

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