College Witchery: Week Three!

It’s almost one in the morning, but I napped (crashed, hard) when I got home from school around 6pm today, so I’m pretty damn awake at the moment. That’s unfortunate because there’s not a whole lot to be done this late at night that won’t disturb my mother or downstairs neighbor.

3/16 Weeks of the Fall semester have been completed, although I’m trying not to think of it in terms of, “Oh, God, I still have thirteen weeks left?” and more in terms of, “I only have to go to school twenty-six more times this semester. That’s less than a month’s worth of days.” I dropped my history of photography class because good Gaia that’s a nightmare of boredom. Otherwise, I think I’m doing okay. It’s hard to tell because my English teacher isn’t super quick about grading assignments.

Also, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t understand how many hours are in a day, or thinks that hers is the only class anyone is taking (don’t all college teachers think like that), because the amount of work she assigns us to do in a day or two is ridiculous. And we’re reading Slaughterhouse Five, which I always hated. “It’s meant to be confusing.” Yes, I know; that’s why I hate it.

But, surprisingly, I really dig my communications class. I mean, I started digging it slightly less when my professor said we have to do this interpersonal collage assignment–basically go up in front of the class and show/talk about 5-10 things that “makes you… YOU.” This includes three pieces of “privileged information” we wouldn’t normally tell someone we just met.

This is a nightmare for me. It’s not that I mind talking about myself–I’ll answer literally any question you want to ask me. It’s just talking about deeply personal things in such a… formal setting. It’s the standing, really. I hate the standing. I could probably do this assignment well if I could just sit during the presentation because then it would feel more like a conversation than a presentation. I’d feel more like I’m talking to friends and less like an animal on display in a zoo.

But, I have a good idea for what I’m going to do for it, so… at least there’s that? Honestly, just thinking about it makes me want to vomit and I’m seriously considering just taking the hit to my grade (it’s worth a full letter grade, so if I was getting a B in the class and I missed this assignment, the highest grade I could get would be a C). Communications isn’t part of my major, so I’m not concerned about getting the best grade–I just need to pass it. But, I also hate slacking off and if I end up bombing something else, I don’t want to fail, so….


I’m also considering the idea of taking a social media sabbatical. Not that I’m super active on social media, these days. I hardly ever post anything (except for sharing things on Facebook, which I do more now than I used to), but I’m always scrolling through and looking at other people’s stuff. It would be an interesting experiment, at the very least. I got the idea from my communications class after our teacher told us about the positive correlation between social media and depression–the more time one spends on social media, the more depressed one gets. If I could delete Instagram and feel better about my life, I would do that, I think.

But, I’m still debating it. I mean, I was depressed before Facebook and Twitter, so… who knows. I’m also trying to figure out where blogging and reading blogs falls in there, as well.

Anyway. There’s my little update. I’m still alive. Still trying to figure out time management. Still here.

And I still love you all.

4 thoughts on “College Witchery: Week Three!

  1. I hope that the communications class goes well for you especially since you were initially enjoying it. But what stuck with me was the mention of social media and depression being connected! I was also definitely struggling with depression before I became so active on social media, and for me personally, using social media to talk about it and communicate with others who are experiencing similar things has helped me out. But, who knows, maybe I’m fueling it at the same time. But I definitely think blogging is a positive social media outlet that helps!

    I hope your semester gets better and better. ❤

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    1. Thanks! I’m doing my presentation on Tuesday (first day we can… whoo…) so at least it will be over soon. It’s not so bad. Worst comes to worst, I’ll just read my speech off my notes. Also, I’m bringing in food, so I’m hoping everyone will be too distracted with eating to pay attention to me lol!

      The reasoning behind the social media thing is, especially with things like Facebook and Instagram, people are only presenting the “best” sides of themselves. So, it’s like, someone scrolls through Instagram and they see everyone doing this exciting thing or that exciting thing and it makes them feel like they’re stagnant in their own life. It’s definitely something I’ve been guilty of; I’ve seen friends post about the exciting stuff they’re doing and I feel soooo far behind. Of course, everyone is different. It’s a subconscious thing, but there are people who make a conscious effort to view it differently and acknowledge that, “Hey, my friends are at X place and that’s great for them. I’m at Y place and that’s great for me!” So, perspective plays a part, definitely.

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  2. “Nightmare of boredom” haha! That perfectly sums up my experience with a history of photography class. I have considered the whole media diet thing too..but what’s next? A “forest bath” a “silence retreat” lol

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