Sunday Sweets: Mini Chocolate Pie

So, while my mom and I were at Target the other day, I saw these little mini graham cracker pie crusts and thought, “Yes. Tiny personal pie. How could that possibly be a bad idea?”

This was the best worst idea I’ve ever had.


These are literally just cold prep Jello chocolate pudding poured into tiny little pre-made pie crusts. They took me literally five minutes to make and…

Oh. Oh, my gaw.

They’re. So. Good.

And too damn convenient to eat. With a normal pie, I have to pull it out, cut a slice, dirty a plate, recover the pie, put it back. I’m the worst at cutting slices of pie, especially if they have a graham cracker or cookie crust because they crumble super easily, so I’ll eat, like, a slice after dinner or whatever.

These little things? Literally grab a pie, grab a fork, and go. I only have the one picture of them, because I ate them before I got a chance to take any more.

Super simple. Super delicious. Despite how much weight you’re guaranteed to gain from pounding them one after another, I highly recommend making them just for the look of shock and horror on your friends and family’s faces when you tell them, “I ate three pies by myself, today.”

2 thoughts on “Sunday Sweets: Mini Chocolate Pie

  1. I had homemade tiny apple pie for breakfast..with apples I picked myself, most rewarding experience ever! No dishes, and you feel like a giant eating a tiny pie. Like you are 11 feet tall and just downing entire pies lol

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    1. Don’t you though??? I feel like a monster. If I could pop it out of the little tin without the crust falling apart, I would just stuff the whole thing in my mouth. It would be messy and I wouldn’t be able to chew or swallow, but I’d feel like Godzilla lol!

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