Diary: The Take Over, The Break’s Over

Fall Out Boy lyrics. My teen angst is showing.

In less than an hour, I leave the warm comfort of my bedroom to go back to classes. I’m not super looking forward to it, considering that I spent the majority of my Thanksgiving break working on an essay for my English class (which is garbage, by the way, and I’m not pulling some false deprecation stunt; I really had/have no idea what I wanted to say and just vomited some words to make page count). I feel like I didn’t really get a “break” at all.

But, there’s just three more weeks of school and then I’m free until almost February.

November is drawing to a close and I bombed National Novel Writing Month. I’m not terribly shocked by this, considering my workload for school–sorry, the workload for my English class. It’s a good thing I only took two classes this semester, because I’m not sure I could have handled a third with having to write another essay every other week.

I’m trying next semester, though. I signed up for my spring classes and my schedule is full. I’ll be on campus four days a week instead of two and one of those days is on the downtown campus, which is scary. I hate downtown San Diego, especially on the trolley. (But, realistically, I may drop that class just because my math class is already five units/credits so I imagine it’ll be pretty work-heavy; taking a biology class/lab on top of it doesn’t sound like fun.)

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to those of you who’ve taken my content survey, so far. It’s helping me hone in on what I want this blog to be and finding those cross-sections between what I want to post/share and what you guys want to see/read. If you haven’t taken it yet, it’s only going to be active until Thursday, so let your voice be heard! It’s completely anonymous, so don’t worry about hurting my feelings. I’m too stressed out by school to have feelings right now, anyway.

(I mean, really; who makes the final project a group project? Ridiculous.)

I need to suck it up and go to class, now. At least I have my communications class to look forward to. That’s something.

I love you all.

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