Friday Faves & Diary: I will be tasting bacon for a week.

[This is half Friday Fave and half a diary post. I ate the best burger last night, so I need to share. But, it’s also a kind of personal life story, so…?]

So, as you may know, a good portion of Southern California is on fire. I’m not personally near any of the fires (yet–we are in an advisory due to the high, dry winds), but a lot of my friends and some of my family are in areas where they’re creeping ever-closer. More than a couple of people I know have bags packed in case they have to evacuate, so send good thoughts.

Down in our neck of the woods, the power was knocked out (probably due to the crazy winds we’ve been having) when I got home yesterday. After sitting in the dark for about a half and hour, I decided, “Fuck it. I need to escape.”

So, I sent one of my classmates from my communications class, Matt (who I’ve mentioned before), a text. See, Matt works at a restaurant downtown called Slater’s 50/50 that I’ve kind of been itching to try. And, if I get to chat with a cool kid from school, even better. So, I mentioned I needed a place with good food and electricity to escape to and asked if the food there would be worth making the trip down into the city. He called me on his way in to work and told me that it would definitely be a good place to escape to and to text him if we decide to come in so he can have us seated in his section.

It took us, like, an hour to get there because my mom can’t follow the GPS to save her life, but we did eventually make it in and Matt greeted me with a hug (he’s a hugger, I’ve gathered; it still catches me off guard, but it doesn’t freak me out too bad–still, if you ever meet me IRL and want a hug, please ask; I will almost definitely say yes, I just need to know it’s coming). Since we’d never been there before, he went over the menu with us, pointed out his favorites, made suggestions–the whole server thing.

I had actually checked their menu before we went in, so I already knew exactly what I wanted: The B’B’B’Bacon Burger. It’s obviously a bacon burger. Now, when I say it’s a bacon burger, I mean it is literally a burger made of bacon. The patty is half-beef, half-ground bacon. It comes with two of the thickest slices of bacon I’ve ever seen. It comes with bacon-American cheese (how even does?). And it’s topped with “bacon island dressing” which is pretty much thousand island made with bacon fat. The only thing on this burger not made with bacon is a fried egg, and I bet it was fried in bacon grease.

I’m studying to become a dietitian. Just throwing that out there.

The burgers are so huge, they’re sold by themselves and you can add fries if you’re feeling brave. We added fries to my mom’s order (they’re served with bacon ketchup, by the way; the only way to eat ketchup, in my humble opinion).

Witches. Oh my word. This burger. This burger destroyed me. I finished the whole thing (and a few fries just for that bacon ketchup), but it was a labor. I originally planned to eat half and take the other half home, to save room for a bacon brownie (which sounded sooooooo amazing), but this burger tasted so good and I got through the first half without trouble. I’m hungry, I thought. I can finish this, I thought.

Yea, well, in Downtown San Diego, burger finishes you. The only reason I was able to force the rest of it down was because a) it tasted delicious and b) I couldn’t show my face in class on Tuesday as the wuss who left behind two bites of burger. I couldn’t live with that shame.

When he came back and asked about the brownie, I almost cried at the thought of stuffing anything else in my mouth. Next time.

We chatted for a little bit when he brought us the check, which was nice. He’s a really sweet, friendly person and talking with him always makes me smile (even if it’s just for a minute before class or whatever). I mentioned I’m studying dietetics, to become a dietitian. “I’m here for research purposes,” I said. He laughed, so either I’m funny, or he’s smart enough to not offend a paying customer he has to see in class next week. Meanwhile, I am a shame to my future profession, but whatever. That burger was to die for. Maybe literally, because eating it will probably give you a heart attack.

Oh! And, he sent me a text this morning thanking me for coming in, which I thought was really sweet. Or a smart customer service move–following up on a visit with gratitude. A post-meal text message; talk about personal service! Ha!

But, yea, if you’re ever in the San Diego area (or they actually have a few locations scattered between SD and Anaheim… and a location in Dallas, apparently), I would recommend checking Slater’s 50/50 out. It’s a sports bar/grill, kind of like Chili’s, but with much, much better food.

Only six more sleeps until I’m done with the semester.

Only seven more sleeps until Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

I am so excited for both.

I love you all.

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3 thoughts on “Friday Faves & Diary: I will be tasting bacon for a week.

    1. As an omnivore, I appreciate you not immediately hating me for eating meat. He’s very friendly like that with everyone, so it’s tough to tell. But that’s fine, because I’m not exactly looking for anything romantic at the moment. Friendship is aces with me lol!

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